Thirty Seconds to Mars Backstage Pass

Digicard Backstage Pass/USB Drive
Digicard Backstage Pass/USB Drive

I have been listening to these guys more lately and thought I would try some package design using a little-known tech item. That item being the USB “card”. Basically, it is a USB flash drive attached to a card. In this instance that card can be a backstage pass, where the person in possession of the pass is also in possession of special super fan items, like a live recording of the latest album, LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS and some videos and photos as well as a teaser for Jared Leto’s documentary, “ARTIFACT”. Basically these Digicards would be exactly what a real Thirty Seconds to Mars fan could “geek out” to.

This project is in no way connected to Thirty Seconds to Mars and I was not commissioned t do this. I like the music and thought it would make great subject material for a project.

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