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Earbud Advertisement

This project was another short time line to stretch my skills a little. The brief was to take an object that I have with me everyday and create 3 print advertisements with 3 different directions to follow:

  • Show the item in a positive light
  • Show the item as an inferior item
  • Show the item in a metaphorical light.

I chose my earbuds as subject matter.  The first direction, positive, was meant to look similar to but different than original AKG® print ads. All of the images were found online to go with the short time I was given, so I do not claim ownership of any of the pieces I used.

The second direction, inferiority, put the AKG® headphones up against the Beats By Dre Studio™ headphones, with the Beats™ headphones winning out for various reasons.

The final direction put the headphones in a metaphorical context as a mind-reading tool used for counseling purposes.

Earbud Ad