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Birthday Invitation

I did this as a quick favor for a friend. Her son’s birthday party has a carnival game theme similar to what you might have seen in the early 20th century. She had a clear direction in mind and just needed help putting the piece together. The final product was cut out according to the shape of the ticket to more closely resemble a raffle ticket you would get at the carnival.

8.5"x5.5" birthday party invitation
8.5″x5.5″ birthday party invitation

WIP – San Diego Zoo Website UI

I chose to develop my interpretation of the San Diego Zoo website. It’s not a complete redesign, I just wanted to see how some changes in the interface would affect the usability. After visiting the site I felt like I was being overwhelmed by input. So, my goal was to simplify without losing any of the important information.

I took the perspective of being an out-of-town visitor and decided what would be effective for me if I visited the site. First of all, I was overwhelmed by all of the colors. Zoos are generally colorful places, but it makes the website seem fragmented and hard to follow. I propose a narrowed use of color for usability. I also felt the current navigation was hard to separate from the background, which made getting around the site very difficult. There are also numerous ways for a user to leave the site, even if it is to get to another zoo-related site. I feel this detracts from site user retention. That’s why the related-site navigation was put in a drop down that doesn’t have as much prominence. The user can still have the information available, but doesn’t have it immediately thrown in their face.

Currently, the site does not respond very well to resizing. The navigation menu at mobile size is too much information for such a small space. I believe a mobile-focused framework, with components to maintain continuity, would help this greatly. My choice for this would be ZURB’s Foundation 5 for its ease of implementation and vast level of customization.

Un update to the San Diego Zoo website
Un update to the San Diego Zoo website









Some of the interactions for the update.
Some of the interactions for the update.









Next steps include coding the page to resemble the comp and implementing the interactions I mentioned above.

Thirty Seconds to Mars Backstage Pass

Digicard Backstage Pass/USB Drive
Digicard Backstage Pass/USB Drive

I have been listening to these guys more lately and thought I would try some package design using a little-known tech item. That item being the USB “card”. Basically, it is a USB flash drive attached to a card. In this instance that card can be a backstage pass, where the person in possession of the pass is also in possession of special super fan items, like a live recording of the latest album, LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS and some videos and photos as well as a teaser for Jared Leto’s documentary, “ARTIFACT”. Basically these Digicards would be exactly what a real Thirty Seconds to Mars fan could “geek out” to.

This project is in no way connected to Thirty Seconds to Mars and I was not commissioned t do this. I like the music and thought it would make great subject material for a project.

Apple Computer Advertisement

My take on a classic Apple ad.
My take on a classic Apple ad.

This was a short time frame (90 minutes) personal project to recreate a print advertisement from pre-1980 that could be placed in a current magazine such as Wired. The original advertisement I found was for Apple Computers and away I went. The original ad from 1979 can be viewed via Classic Computing.

I attempted to grasp the minimalist Apple design aesthetic and mix it with a little humor. I also wanted to convey the idea of just how easy it is today to but a computer. In 1979 you had to call Apple on the telephone and now you can just go online to the Apple website purchase everything you need with minimal hassle.

Image credits:

iMac illustration: Gustav Ågren
Macbook illustration: Jozef Mak

Earbud Advertisement

This project was another short time line to stretch my skills a little. The brief was to take an object that I have with me everyday and create 3 print advertisements with 3 different directions to follow:

  • Show the item in a positive light
  • Show the item as an inferior item
  • Show the item in a metaphorical light.

I chose my earbuds as subject matter.  The first direction, positive, was meant to look similar to but different than original AKG® print ads. All of the images were found online to go with the short time I was given, so I do not claim ownership of any of the pieces I used.

The second direction, inferiority, put the AKG® headphones up against the Beats By Dre Studio™ headphones, with the Beats™ headphones winning out for various reasons.

The final direction put the headphones in a metaphorical context as a mind-reading tool used for counseling purposes.

Earbud Ad